National League
Director: Karl Markovics
German version with Czech and English subtitles / 2011 / 93 min.
Cast: Thomas Schubert, Karin Lischka, Georg Friedrich, Gerhard Liebmann, Stefan Matousch

In the film Breathing, the director provides a compelling insight into the human psyche. 19-year-old Roman Kogler has a chance to be released early from the young offenders' institution where he has already spent four years due to his crime of manslaughter. The odds are against him, however: he is an uncommunicative loner without a family and doesn't seem to be fit for re-socialization. The only job he can get as a day-release prisoner is as an assistant in a funeral service. Of all things, it is this particular job of dealing with death that shows him the path back to life. This is Austrian actor Karl Markovics's debut as a director and screenwriter in this breathtaking film about coming back to the right path.


Awards: IFF Cannes 2011: Label Europa Cinemas Award; IFF Sarajevo 2011: Best Film, Best Actor, CICAE Award; Royal Belgian Film Archive Awards 2011: Public Award; IFF Jameson Cine Fest 2011: International Ecumenical Award, Best Film, Critics Award; IFF Zürich 2011: Best German Language Feature Film; Quebec City Film Festival 2011: Best First Feature Film

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