Konstantin and Elena

To The Point
Romania, Spain
Director: Andrei Dăscălescu
Romanian version with Czech and English subtitles / 2008 / 102 min.
Cast: Constantin Vinca, Elena Vinca

A bitter-sweet documentary where the sweet is the love that an old couple still feel for each other after 55 years of marriage and the bitter is the little time they have left to enjoy this love. Constantin and Elena, an aging couple from a small Romanian village, show us that it is the simple things that make people happy and that life can be enjoyed even until the very end. We are moved by the sight of these two helping each other with the everyday chores, always appreciating each other's presence. Full of optimism and tireless energy, this simple film about a common life journey and genuine love to the end, makes clear that old age need not be just a painful waiting for death.

Awards: IDFF Amsterdam: First Appearance Award

Contact: First Hand Films World Sales, Fritz Heeb Weg 5, CH-8050 Zurich, Switzerland, email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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