National League / Lux Prize
Romania, France, Hungary
Director: Marian Crişan
Romanian version with Czech and English subtitles / 2010 / 100 min.
Cast: András Hatházi, Yilmaz Yalcin, Elvira Rîmbu, Dorin C. Zachei, Molnar Levente

Fishing in the morning, a long day at work, then back to his small, shabby farm and his wife in the evening. This is a typical day in the life of Nelu, a security guard at a supermarket in a small town near the Romanian-Hungarian border. This routine is broken by an unexpected catch – a Turkish refugee, trying to get to Hungary and then on to the West. Although at first distrustful, Nelu gives the man shelter and his promise to help him cross the border, for which he will be well paid. Despite the language barrier, they find a way to communicate while making their plan. Morgen, i.e. Tomorrow – becomes their mantra. Building on the recent success of Romanian cinema, Morgen has been nominated for the European LUX Prize.

Awards: IFF "goEast" Wiesbaden 2011: Best Director; IFF Thessaloniki 2010: Best Director, Best Actor, FIPRESCI Award; IFF Locarno 2010: Special Jury Prize, Eucumenical Prize, Don Quijote Prize, 3rd Prize of Junior Jury Award

Contact: Les Films du Losange, 22, avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie, F-75116 Paris
France, T: +33/144438726, F: +33/149520640, email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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