Conference: Digitization Salvation and Destruction of Small Cinemas


Where and When: Cinema Světozor, Vodičkova 41, Praha 1 / 17. 4. / Tuesday / 9.30

The conference Digitization – Salvation and Destruction of Small Cinemas aims to present solutions how to save cinemas that have no financial means for digitization. This time the conference will not deal with the methods of digitisation and the advantages of digitisation for cinemas, but will focus on how to save cinemas that have no financial means for digitisation.

At the conference, distributors will present their plans to limit or terminate the distribution of 35mm film copies and to launch the distribution of DCP (Digital Cinema Package) copies and alternative distribution media, such as DVD and BR. The other part of the conference will introduce projects that can help both digital and non-digital, traditional cinemas with their programme management, funding and operation. During the last part of the event, companies installing the respective equipment will show their cheapest solutions for cinema digitisation in accordance with DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) demands.

The conference is a part of the New Cinema 2012 project and it is organised by the Pro-DIGI association in cooperation with the MEDIA Desk Czech Republic. It follows up the successful conference Digital Age of Cinemas that was also held during the Days of European Film festival last year. The aim of these events is to help cinema operators better face the challenges in the fast changing digital world.

The New Cinema 2012 is a year-long project offering ongoing education for cinema operators. It aims to teach them all that a modern cinema needs for its operation, with the aid of concrete examples, from high-quality and well-adjusted technologies, to an efficient operation and sophisticated work with the audience, to an interesting programme scheme. The project is supported by the Open Society Fund Prague foundation within the Emergency Fund programme.

More informations is available on

Petr Vítek – Pro-DIGI

Daniela Staníková – MEDIA Desk Czech Republic

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