Conference: Video on Demand - A new Channel for Distribution of Films


Where and When: Evropský dům, Jungmanova 24, Praha 1 / 18. 4. Wednesday / 10.30

Internet and new technologies have opened a new era for creation, production and distribution of films, with challenges and opportunities along the way. As a result, spectators’ expectations and viewing practices are evolving towards a new model of non-linear distribution – Video on Demand. VoD gives a second chance to films to reach audiences beyond their theatrical exposure and TV release.

In order to explore possibilities offered by the Internet and defend the European independent cinema creation and production, several European VoD platforms, set up by independent rights holders – producers, distributors and DVD editors – have teamed up and built the network EuroVoD, which has now members from 9 countries: UniversCiné (France), UniversCiné Belgium, Good!Movies (Germany), Filmin (Spain), Volta (Ireland), UniversCiné Switzerland, Netkin (Poland), Flimmit (Austria) and Blind Spot Pictures (Finland), and has the objective of covering the whole Europe. All of these VoD platforms work together for pooling resources, exchanging technical know-how, acquiring and promoting films on a transnational level.

The conference aims at presenting this new initiative and its first achievements in terms of technological developments, acquisition, promotion and exploitation of films on a multi-channel and multi-device basis in various VoD markets in Europe.

The event is organized by EuroVoD, the Czech Film Center and the Days of European Film festival.

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