Dopisy Andele

National League
Estonia, Finland
Director: Sulev Keedus
Estonian version with Czech and English subtitles / 2011 / 118 min.
Cast: Tõnu Oja, Ragne Pekarev, Tiina Tauraite, Katariina Lauk, Mirtel Pohla

Years ago, Jeremia Juunas Kirotaja was sent to Afghanistan to fight. He went missing and at that time, converted to Islam. Now he has returned home, only to find himself faced with another kind of war, where the front line in the decrepit Estonian town runs between Eastern and Western culture, men and women, common sense and madness. Somewhere amidst these battles is his daughter Angel who Kirotaja has decided to find after all his years of absence. His only leads are the sound of his daughter crying, heard only once on the telephone, and a dog-eared notebook full of letters addressed to her. Unfortunately Kirotaja is unaware that the town has other plans for him. This film by Suleva Keeduse, who barely avoided military service in Afghanistan himself, has been selected as a national candidate for the Oscar nominations.

Awards: Baltic Film Festival „Kinoshok" 2011: Best Director

Contact: F-Seitse OÜ, Koidu 17-1, EST-10137 Tallinn, Estonia, T: +372/6015983, F: + 372/6015982, email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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