National League
The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany
Director: Maria Peters
Dutch version with Czech and English subtitles / 2011 / 132 min.
Cast: Ricky Koole, Sergio Hasselbaink, Marcel Hensema, Micha Hulshof

Sonny Boy is a true love story which takes place in Holland at the beginning of World War II during the emergence of Nazism. It tells the story of Rika, an aging mother with four children, and Waldemar, a young student from Surinam who is 17 years younger than her. Europe in the 30's was an era bound by conventions and prejudice and the lovers are forced to face adversity and the disapproval of their slanderous neighbours who cannot accept Rika's illegitimate affair, especially because of its interraciality. This film about the relationship between a white woman and a black man in pre-war Europe is presented as an epic fresco of a family destroyed by war and human limitations, themes which are still very pertinent today.

Awards: Stony Brook Film Festival 2011: Audience Choice Award - Best Film

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