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Director: Tomasz Wolski
Polish version with Czech subtitles / 2011 / 82 min.
Cast: Marek Krochin, Henryk Olechnowicz, Bogusław Kapelak, Jerzy Sadowski, Dariusz Plicner

What happens behind the closed doors of surgical wards, examination rooms and consultation areas? Tomasz Wolski, the director of this documentary, follows the day to day work of doctors in a surgical ward: their hierarchy, their ability to make correct decisions, their constant struggle with economic conditions. This unusual documentary film presents an incredible close-up view of doctors at work, where humour is often intertwined with the most difficult decisions concerning the lives and health of their patients. This film by Tomasz Wolski received several awards at the Krakow Film Festival 2011 and the Grand Prix at the International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography Plus Camerimage.

Awards: Krakow FF 2011: Special Mention, Award of the President of Polish Filmmakers Association in category Film Edition, The Student's Jury Award; FF Plus Camerimage 2011: Grand Prix

Contact: Krakow Film Foundation, Basztova 15/8a, PL-31143 Krakow, Poland, T: +48/1229469455, email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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