Cigarety a pisnicky

Director: Marek Šulík, Jana Kovalčíková
Slovak version with English subtitles / 2010 / 51 min.
Cast: Marcela Dreveňáková, Thierry Ebam, Boris Lenko, Jozef Lupták, Béla Pokuta

A group of musicians, Roma, non-Roma and African, meet in an evangelical church in
Eastern Slovakia to record a CD of old Roma songs. The recording process, and the music itself, become a sort of therapy, a new purpose in life for many of them. Béla cannot express his sorrow after losing his wife and children but he puts all his emotions into his touching songs; Irena leaves her husband and children for a couple of days to devote herself to the songs she always considered a part of her life. This documentary is about happiness, love, tolerance and the therapeutic power of music.

Awards: Arts & film Telč 2011 Festival: Vojtěch Jasný Grand Prix 2011
Contact: Žudro, Dražická 20, SK-84101 Bratislava, Slovakia, T: +421/915955017, email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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