Alena Hanáková


Dear friends of film art,

In the past years, a number of film festivals emerged that presented less known cinematographies, mainly from Asia and Latin America, to the audience. Cinemas are full of American movies, both romantic and adventurous as well as thrillers and films for children. Czech films of various genres come closely after, which is cheering, including documentaries that have become more and more popular among Czech viewers lately. Only then European films follow, but mainly from the European countries with a long film-making tradition and a strong production potential, such as Britain, France, Germany and Spain. Minor cinematographies are presented rarely or not at all.

This is why it has become a tradition for the Ministry of Culture to support, both morally and financially, the Days of European Film festival that annually shows the best or most interesting films, respectively, that have been produced in Europe. With years, the festival has attracted a circle of viewers thanks to its good dramaturgy and its image that is elaborated from an original jingle up to its annual inventive and witty opening ceremony.

 We wish you many interesting film experiences at the 19th Days of European Film!

 Mgr. Alena Hanáková

Minister of Culture


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